Or at least, that’s how I must look on the cover of the book in which my article was published: the only author with a foreign name writing the only article in English in the middle of a book entirely in Italian, except for the bilingual abstracts. For those still wondering: yeah, I do speak Italian.

Still, that’s not the point. The point is that last year, in September, I wrote a paper titled “What can economists learn from machine learning?” as a final examination for a course at the Collegio Superiore, the school for higher study which I’m honored to be a part of. In my work, I reviewed some interesting papers that used machine learning solutions to model human behavior, with vaguely unsettling results. Besides being what introduced me to econometrics and experimental economics, which are the fields I’m dedicating my master’s thesis work to, this paper was also published a few days ago! It’s a chapter in the first issue of “Astrazioni Stenografiche” [0], a publishing project by Bononia University Press in collaboration with the Collegio Superiore.

The book is available on the editor’s website [1] and on Amazon. Unfortunately, it’s entirely in Italian - except for that one article from the guy with the foreign name =)

[0] In English, that would be “Shorthand Abstractions”, or something like that - the Italian poetic fluffiness doesn’t translate well to an efficient language like English.

[1] By the way, I’m not sure putting the “free download” button right next to the “buy for 15 EUR” button was a smart marketing move on their part.