MSc Computer Engineering student at Collegio Superiore, University of Bologna. I graduated summa cum laude with a BSc in Computer Engineering in July 2020 and started my master’s in September 2020.

Currently I’m on Erasmus at the UPC (BarcelonaTech), consolidating quantitative reasoning skills and knowledge of the theoretical foundations of machine learning and mathematical optimization.

I am remotely working for the Paris School of Economics as a research assistant on a project sponsored by the French Ministry of Labor, with the goal of using natural language processing to construct reliable measures of occupation-to-occupation skill distances. Data from this research project is to be used by the Ministry to guide the design of public policies aimed at re-training workers from distressed occupations, in order to maximize their re-employment chances.

I’m currently the TA for the seminar in Argumentation in Artificial Intelligence at Collegio Superiore. During the first year of my master’s I worked both in university, as a TA for my bachelor’s Software Engineering course, and as a teacher in high school, teaching a full course in programming as well as an advanced course preparing students for programming competitions.

During my bachelor’s, I worked as a research intern on computer vision and robotics at the Robotics and Mechatronics lab of the University of Twente, Netherlands, writing a SLAM algorithm that can generate semantically-segmented maps of the environment.

I also explored experimental and computational economics, writing and publishing a paper on the impact of machine learning in economics. I kept following this interest during my master’s, taking additional courses in microeconomics and game theory and working on a thesis project in computational industrial organization. I built a strongly quantitative bachelor’s and master’s study path and attended additional courses in Collegio Superiore about other topics that interested me but weren’t included in my degree’s study plan. I’m interested in pursuing a research career in computational economics and data science, through funded PhD opportunities in economics, operations research, applied mathematics or computer science.

In my free time I play the bass, cook or go running outside. I like reading, watching movies, playing video games and going to the theater. I also acted for a while.

You can reach me on GitHub and LinkedIn, or by e-mail at kmfrick98 at